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Layout Reconstruction Update

Posted by [email protected] on May 26, 2014 at 4:05 PM

As of May 26th 2014

All major sections of the layout that will be used in the reconstruction have been moved to the Handley Center. A few other sections are being disassembled for parts.

Cimarron: the sections that make up Cimarron yard have been refitted with legs and rejoined and will form the north wall area of the layout room. The track cuts are currenting being repaired. No electrical reconnections have been made on this section yet. The area of the Acme Coke Plane is at Handley but will not be reconnected until space permits.

Jackson Springs: the two major sections of Jackson Springs are at Handley and have been refitted with legs and await reconnection along the south wall.

St. Charles Yard: the three sections that make up St. Charles yard have been moved to Handley where they will form a layouts section on the south wall with Jackson Springs. The next task will be to mount them on legs and reconnect them. Once this is done a new section that will replace downtown St. Charles trackage (loop track) will be constructed.

Some towns on the old layout have been dissembled but will be reconstructed (so as to use the switching panels) in new sections of the new layout. These include Midway, Post Oak Gap, Dead River and West Fork. The section known as Gila Basin esists and will be made usable in the new layout plan.

There are still secions of the Denver and Gulf staging yard that will need to be brought over to Handley soon as well as some more lumber. We have until the end of July to vacate the old LMRA room taking whatever we need with us. Track joiners are at a preminum. It appears that they are hard to find these days so if you have any you can spare, we would appreciate getting them.

Once we get the major sections of the layout up on legs and rejoined the new sections of the layout can be constructed, hopefully at a more rapid pace. We will also need to start bringing over most if not all of the items we placed in the storage unit before we catch the brunt of the summer heat. All the work that members have provided is appreciated but we could sure us more members helping.

Soon there will be tasks availabel making benchwork, rewiring or reconnecting the electrical, roadbed track laying, and scenery construction just to name a few.

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